Your supplier for all Thermocomponents

Kamet is a leading supplier of high quality temperature measurement components. We keep an extensive stock (over 500 KM) of several thermocouple cables and extension cables and we supply all components you need to complete your temperature sensor.

Over 25 years we have been specializing in supplying you high class thermo components. From a one-man company we have grown into a 17-headed organization, dedicated to supplying the high-quality thermo components you are looking for. With our fixed stock of 500+ KM and our yearly turnover of more than 2,5 million meters of MI cable, we will gladly supply you the MI cable you need. And there is more, thanks to our large network which includes suppliers such as Heraeus, Isabellenhütte and Limatherm...

Response time is one of the most important things here at Kamet. Your business is very important to us and because we value it so much, we strive to answer every enquiry withing 24 hours. Even if it's just to say we are working on it. And our response time does not stop there: when we have the items in stock, we will gladly ship them the same day.

Of course it can happen that we cannot supply from stock. In that case, you will probably have contact with our order-processing department. These ladies will keep an eye on your order and make sure our supplier keeps in touch so we can keep you updated with actual delivery dates.